Sewer and Draining Cleaning Services

We offer both residential and commercial sewer or draining cleaning with a few different methods available. More information can be found below:

Hydro jetting\high pressure water jetting

Sideview of a high pressure water jet clearing a pipeHydro jetting opens, cleans and flushes all in one process, and is most capable of restoring drains to full flow operation. Think of your plumbing system like arteries. Arteries can get a build up of plaque over time that can cause narrowing and even clogging. Pipes are no different! How do we deal with the build-up of accumulated scale, grease, and grit? The answer: hydro jetting! This method uses a high-pressure hose that blasts the residue from the inner walls of your pipes to fully clear them and restore them to the proper working condition. Think of it as setting the “reset” button without unnecessary damage to your pipes. The key difference between “snaking” and hydro-jetting is that the snake only removes some of the debris while the hydro-jet clears all of it.

Think your pipes may be clogged? Remove the build-up of accumulated scale, grease, grit and anything else that may be narrowing your pipes with our local hydro jetting services. Call 616-361-7800 today.
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Drain inspection

If you have a drainage back up, buying a new house, or are just curious about the health of your DWV (Drainage, Waste, Vent System). Schedule a camera inspection today or ask the technician onsite to perform an inspection. Camera inspections will tell the true state of the drainage system and can help navigate what equipment is best to maintain it or if it is in good working condition. So if you like the idea of preventative vs potential emergency and would like the peace of mind, call All-Flo Plumbing today for a camera inspection.

Cabling services

Snakes/Cables are used primarily for opening drains, general cleaning, and retrieving purposes. If there is a clog in your pipe or drain system, a cabling machine consisting of a long cable with a cutting head on the end of it is inserted into the pipe system to clear through clogs. We can ensure the debris has been removed via video inspection.

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