Drain clog and removal

Do you suspect you have damage to your drain? Did you lose a valuable piece of jewelry down the sink? Perhaps you’re considering buying a home and want peace of mind about the pipes? Maybe you have a collapsed pipe? We can help! Our drain inspection services can give us direct insight to diagnosis and repair drain issues. So the next time your toddler flushes your diamond ring down the toilet, we can help retrieve it!

Leak repair

Whether it be a drip at the showerhead to a leak on the copper water supply pipe or full-on flood from the floor drain, All-Flo Plumbing is standing by in your time of need to handle your water emergency.

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Quick and Reliable Repair ofEmergency Leaks & Drain Back Ups



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Plumbing Maintenance

Do you have a leaky faucet or clogged drain? Call us for your maintenance needs