Plumbers Grand Rapids

19 Dec. 16

Dave Idema

I called All-Flo Plumbing to snake a kitchen sink. Dan Gager, a twenty year veteran, ran into bad buried pipe original to the 1960’s house. He had several ideas about how to re-rout the kitchen sink line to a down tube from the upstairs level. I mentioned the drain tube from the washing machine was going bad also. Both lines were buried in cement on the ground level of our tri-level home. Dan came up with a very creative solution to both problems. The skill required was impressive – visualizing the problem and running the new pipes. This is a project that could have costs many thousands of dollars including breaking up the cement floor. The new pipes are run behind the washer/dryer and are hidden out of site. The project actually solved a third problem related to the discharge of our water softener. Dan Gager is highly recommended as a problem solver and expert in home plumbing.